To be eligible for a refund and to have your Academic Record amended a withdrawal application must be received in writing. You can complete a withdrawal application form (see below) and return it or you can withdraw formally by sending an email to enrolments@wandw.ac.nz. State the programme and include your full name and student ID in the email.

Refunds will be made under the following circumstances: 

  • If you withdraw from a programme or course before the programme start date or within the approved refund period (see table below) Whitireia or WelTec will refund your fees or remove your invoice, if fees are unpaid.
  • If you withdraw on or before the deadlines shown below, all you need to do is send an email to enrolments@wandw.ac.nz 
  • After the deadlines shown below, you must submit a Change in Enrolments/Withdrawal form, you can find this form here
  • There are no refunds after the deadlines unless you can prove you have been affected by circumstances beyond your control and you must provide written evidence, such as a doctor’s note (details are on the withdrawal forms).  The amount of the refund, if any, depends on the individual circumstances.
  • If you don’t advise us that you want to withdraw, you will be liable for the full cost of the fees, even if you do not attend classes (including through Studylink if applicable) and you will receive a Did Not Complete (DNC) for all your courses.
  • Students are responsible for notifying Studylink of any change in circumstances.


Course duration                          Last date for a refund

17 Weeks                                     10 working days from the course start

32-34 Weeks                                20 working days from the course start


Trimester and refund dates

Withdrawals and refund dates apply to courses, not programmes. Course details are on your Enrolment Contract.

If you have completed between 10% and 80% of course duration and choose to withdraw your fees will not be refunded; you will receive a withdrawn result on your academic record.

The dates shown below apply to standard trimesters. For programmes starting on other dates, please check your individual contract. Should you have questions please contact enrolments@wandw.ac.nz.

Unpaid Fees
  1. If you withdraw in writing during the refund period the invoice will be withdrawn.
  2. If you withdraw after the refund period fees must still be paid. Normal debt collection processes will be followed
  3. If you do not withdraw formally you are liable to pay fees, even if you do not attend classes.




Phone: 0800 935 832
Email: enrolments@wandw.ac.nz
Mailing Address: Wellington Institute of Technology, Private Bag 39814, Lower Hutt 5045 


Phone: 0800 944 847
Email: enrolments@wandw.ac.nz
Mailing Address: Whitireia, DX Box: SX33459, 3 Wi Neera Drive, Porirua 5022

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