Hear from our International Graduates

Anh Luong - Postgraduate Diploma in Management

At first, I was nervous studying, but my tutors were clear, kind, friendly, and encouraging. They gave me the confidence to believe that “I can do it.”

My course was practical and helpful. I learned from brilliant people from many different countries and cultures - exactly what I needed to enter the NZ labor market.

Anh Luong

Yan Xu (Asa) – Masters of Management

I valued studying alongside high-quality students where we developed our academic and theoretical expertise with flexible course structures.

At Whitireia tutors make students their top priority: here you will exceed your expectations.

Studying at Whitireia changed how I look and think. It gave me a whole new picture of the business world.

Yan Xu Asa Graduate

Bhavika Kera - Graduate Diploma in Information of Technology

Whitireia enhanced my Software Development skills and knowledge with hands-on experience.

This increased my employability, enabling me to land my dream job in New Zealand and helped me settle here.

Bhavika Kera Graduate v2

Phat Truong - Masters of Information Technology

After graduating from Whitirea with improved knowledge and skills my career jumped up from Systems Administrator to Senior Systems Engineer.

Whitireia tutors keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with the IT industry.

My hands-on experience in the lab helped me in my work and career.

Phat Truong Graduate

Gaurav Jadhav - Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Whitirea teaching techniques are completely different in a good way: based on current industry trends with exceptional tutors eager to help.

My aim was to gain knowledge and awareness of international hospitality. At Whitireia, I had great course selection and internship opportunities. I worked while studying and when I graduated, I became an Assistant Manager.

I highly recommend Whitireia.

Gaurav Jadhav Graduate v2

Dani Ekanayake - Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

After checking many institutions far and wide, I had a chat with ex alumni of Whitireia where I found exactly what I was looking for to become a Business System Analyst.

The Whitireia course outline was impressive with many options for study.

I would highly recommend this course to international students seeking a rewarding career as a Business Analyst with abundant opportunities.

Dani Ekanayake Graduate v2

Sharon Mungar - Bachelor of Creativity

After completing a diploma in graphic design in Mauritius, I wanted to explore this field in an international institute.

WelTec prepares students to have exactly the practical skills employers need.

I value my small class numbers at a brand-new campus dedicated to creative students- musicians, makeup artists or dancers!

Living and studying in the creative capital of New Zealand’s world-leading film industry Wellington is a rich experience for me as an aspiring graphic designer and artist.

Sharon Mungar Graduate v2

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