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Joseph Whyle – TX Engineer

Graduate – Bachelor of IT

"I got the practical skills to jump straight in"

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What inspired you to study Information Technology? 

From an early age I was always mucking around and breaking the family desktop. I then had a conversation with someone in the industry that really lead and built the foundation as to why I wanted to go into IT, I learnt how to get into the space and also how to seize those opportunities as they came to me. I knew I wanted to be in an industry where I will always have a job. 


What made you choose Whitireia? 

I looked at a few places but chose Whitireia as it suited my learning style. With its hands on, small class environment I was also able to build good relationships and engage with my lecturers and fellow students. I wanted a course that covered a broad spectrum in its IT programme as I wasn’t sure what area of IT I wanted to go into – Whitireia provided this.  


What did you learn at Whitireia that helped you prepare for the industry? 

Whitireia really enabled me by building the foundations of the skills and knowledge that I needed to pursue my career in IT. There was a lot of practical hands on work to reinforce what we were learning. 

We were taught the broad concepts within the IT world and all the technical jargon that goes with it but one of the most valuable things we learnt was how to translate this to everyday language for some of the not so technically-minded people we interact with.  

In our final year we completed an industry project where we really got the experience that you need to understand the real world of IT. 

Gain industry experience with our Capstone Projects 

In certain programmes, Business and IT students have the opportunity to work with New Zealand organisations and businesses. Students will study a problem or issue, conduct the required research, and present a workable solution.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into the IT industry? 

IT is for everyone, you don’t have to fit into the “IT stereotype” to work in the industry, being different is valuable.  


What’s next for you? 

Short term I want to ensure we are building the best technology experience for our staff and ensure new staff have everything they need to hit the ground running from day one. Long term I would like to explore leadership opportunities within the industry. 

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