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Eddie Brunton – Performer

Graduate – New Zealand Diploma in Dance

“The tutors really backed me!”

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Why dance? 

Dance is everything to me – it's not just a job or a career, it’s what fills my soul. Dance is my way of expressing myself. I feel the most alive when I’m dancing on stage and sharing my story with an audience. 


What made you choose Whitireia? 

Before I came to Whitireia I struggled through a few different avenues of study and different styles of dance. It was when I came here that I found my people and was able to learn and grow in a comfortable and supportive environment. 

There are so many benefits going into full-time study of dance. You meet people going into the industry with you and they are your most valued companions to help you navigate your dance career. 


What was your favourite thing about studying at Whitireia? 

My tutors. They were so hands-on and dedicated to helping me progress. I graduated five years ago and still have so much love and support from them, ready to back me whenever I need them.  


What did you do after graduating? 

When I left Whitireia I felt fully equipped to step foot into the industry. I pursued my dream of becoming a professional dancer which led me to work all over the world. 

I went to India and danced in Bollywood films for six months which was pretty crazy and cool. I then went to Germany where I danced as a Showgirl, and after that I jumped onto a cruise ship where I danced for a whole year while touring the world. 

When COVID-19 hit I came back to New Zealand and found solace in my former Whitireia classmates who were in the same position as me. That’s when I created Unity Dance Company and we continued to dance and do what we love for a New Zealand audience. 


Is there one thing you learned at Whitireia that’s really helped you in the dance industry? 

One of my favourite things I got taught was ‘always say yes’. If someone asks you to do something, say ‘yes!’, you never know where it could lead and what opportunities it could open. 


What advice do you have for someone thinking about studying dance? 

As a young dancer, becoming a professional seems unreachable but hard work always pays off. Anyone can become a professional dancer, if you put in the effort. The performing arts industry is massive, and there’s a place for everyone. 


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Eddie is currently pursuing one of her dream jobs as Dancer – Ovation of the Seas (Royal Carribean). Learn more here.